Keynote Speakers

DH Benelux has confirmed as of November 2022 one international scholar whose inspiring work speaks directly to the conference’s overarching theme of “Crossing borders: digital humanities research across languages and modalities”.

Patricia Murrieta-Flores

‘Language as cosmovisión/Cēmānāhuac. Some reflexions about computational research on the ‘Conquest of America’ and the cruciality of decolonial praxis in the Digital Humanities’ 

Patricia Murrieta-Flores is Professor of Digital Humanities and co-director of the Digital Humanities Centre at Lancaster University. An historical archaeologist, she has published widely on computational approaches and theories for the study of historical, archaeological, and literary sources. Her main area of research is the Spatial Humanities with a focus on Artificial Intelligence techniques for the study of the history of Colonial Latin America. Her current research explores the social implications and recording in indigenous and Spanish sources of the epidemics provoked by the introduction of European diseases that devastated Mesoamerica during the sixteenth-century. She is actively involved in fostering critical thinking in AI and research for the development decolonial technologies. Her latest projects include TAP/ESRC “Digging into Early Colonial Mexico”; AHRC/NEH “Unlocking the Colonial Archive”; CAPAS “Mesoamerican Apocalypse: A large scale analysis of the Indigenous perspective on the sixteenth-century epidemics of Colonial Mexico”; and AHRC/LoC “Implementing AI to unlock the Library of Congress Spanish American manuscript collections (1500-1699): A Geographical Text Analysis”.